ParkSpotter Africa's current coverage comprises of:
Kruger National Park (North), Kruger National Park (South), Etosha National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Addo National Park and Table Mountain National Park.
Additional parks will be added for you to choose and use as and when you need. Each park's details will be updated whenever contact details, info and maps require changes.


See it. Record it. Store it.

Comprehensive checklists for most common animals, reptiles, birdlife and flora you’ll find in each park. Highly detailed park maps allow you to capture, categorise and geo-locate all your sightings immediately (you’re free to edit or change later if required), including your own photo records of each sighting. Create your own personal checklist of flora and fauna spotted: add your own photos, identify your sightings and tag their location on the park’s detailed mapping.



Mark it. Check it. Swipe it.

Identify wildlife fast using the onboard images, detailed descriptions and stunning pawprint illustrations. Constantly updated park info and accommodation options, plus speed dial functionality for all listed telephone numbers, websites and emails. Flip between info pages, visuals and maps with a simple finger-swipe.



Record it. Share it. Love it.

Be at the digital cutting edge with the first mobile App that allows you to spot wildlife and share the details of your latest sighting immediately via email. Create your own personal life list of sightings using geo-locations, dates, times and individual categories. Enjoy no-hassle, intuitive navigation between App features as well as super-easy data filtering.

This is truly the best Wildlife app 'out there'.

Marelize de Wet

Awesome. Such easy navigation and high quality photographs.

Karl Haylett


  • Where to Stay | Updated camp contact details, facilities and accommodation options, high-quality images & and even gate times.
  • What to see | Packed with current details and background info on the best historical sites, viewing sites, water-holes and picnic sites you’ll want to visit.
  • Animal species | Info and facts on park wildlife, from scientific names to size, habitat, appearance, interesting facts, status, spoor prints and quality photos for easy identification.
  • Flower and tree species | Fascinating facts and info on park flora, including common and scientific names, size, habitat, appearance, interesting facts, status and quality photos for easy identification.
  • Tag and release | Tag your own wildlife sightings and release them to the world via social media. Edit, manage and collate your personal sightings listings.
  • Trusted mapping | All content and mapping has been carefully compiled, researched and packaged by MapStudio, Southern Africa’s leading distributor of maps and travel resources for over half a century.
  • Powerful search capabilities | Content and mapping is downloaded to your device and stored onboard, ensuring powerful search functionality and information access even when your device isn’t connected to the internet

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Download this innovative new wildlife app free from the App Store / iTunes store and select one free demo park of your choice: Kruger NP (north), Kruger NP (south), Etosha NP, Kgalagadi TP, Addo Elephant NP or Table Mountain NP. For full park features you would need to purchase each park through the App Store / iTunes. You decide. Take control of your adventures. Pay for and download Parks only if and when you need them. You choose the content you pay for based on your adventure plans.

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There’s more to come.

There are many more parks to be uploaded in the coming months, so register now and we’ll let you know when they’re available.